Reinout Van Zandycke

Founder of Exposure

My specialization lies within political communication and psychology of persuasion. At you can find my advice on online persuasion, conversion optimalization, digital advertising, profiling and (online) branding. In 2020 and 2021 I gave over 200 keynotes. If you want more information on my keynotes or presentation, don't hesitate to contact me.


Sectors in which I am active


We, at Exposure combine three sciences: Political science, behavioural science and communication science. By combining these three sciences, I can actively give advice in many different sectors.

Political parties


Public Affairs (Multinationals)


Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME's)


Non profit organizations & NGO's





I love to share my knowledge in companies, organizations, schools,...

There are many ways that I share my knowledge. For example: Podcasts, workshops, keynotes, guest lectures,...

  • Founder of a communications agency specializing in online communication psychology combined with data.
  • Thomas More College Lecturer in "Behavior and Users", providing students with insights into nudging, neuromarketing, and conversion optimization
  • Author 3 books I wrote 3 books about political communication and digital persuasion. My latest book "Nudging and persuasion" was nominated as 'Management book of the year."
  • Lecturer at various other institutions I also provide training to Syntra West, Escala and SBM on nudging, neuromarketing, big data, marketing automation and more.

My books

Nudging and persuasion. (2022)

* Nominated as Management book of the year.

Win local elections with a GOTV strategy (2022)

Het new way of campaigning (2017)

About Exposure


Political Marketing

You can rely on us for an innovative approach in political marketing. We combine the latest marketing techniques with successful principles from rhetoric and psychology of persuasion. We take care of your campaign both on the strategic and executive level.


Nudges influence behavior automatically and unconsciously. By better understanding people's irrational, quick and unconscious decisions, you can apply simple tricks that gently nudge behavior in the right direction without excluding other choice options for the customer/citizen.

Personal Branding

Whether you like it or not, the many online channels turn every individual into a personal brand. If you know that the sender has a direct impact on how the receiver experiences the message, then you also understand the importance of personal branding. Contact us for help with your brand.


From the psychology of persuasion, we explore how you can get more revenue and profit from your marketing and sales. We increase your impact by using techniques from neuromarketing or nudging and by focusing on personal branding.

Sales & Marketing

Do you feel like you can get more out of your online marketing? Or just can't dedicate a considerable part of your time to marketing and sales? We can define a marketing strategy and put into action. Based on different packages, we can work everything out for you.

Public Affairs

Do you want to increase your impact as a company or organization? Using innovative (online) solutions, we can ensure more visibility for your company or organization. Contact us for some case examples.


Take a look at our E-books

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My expertise in a nutshell

Some customer references

Popular keynotes


In this presentation, I explain how to get started with nudging. I give a lot of practical examples to inspire the audience.

Neuromarketing and digital persuasion

A very practical keynote with more than 1000 examples of very specific cases to improve the return on your digital marketing.

Personal branding

In this presentation, I give a concrete step-by-step plan with specific cases and examples to make yourself a strong personal brand, which also can benefit your organization.

New way of campaigning

A keynote about the most successful thechniques in political marketing. We combine innovative ways with proven psychological methods.

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