Political Marketing

You can rely on us for an innovative approach in political marketing. We combine the latest marketing techniques with successful principles from rhetoric and psychology of persuasion. We take care of your campaign both on the strategic and executive level.


Nudges influence behavior automatically and unconsciously. By better understanding people’s irrational, quick and unconscious decisions, you can apply simple tricks that gently nudge behavior in the right direction without excluding other choice options for the customer/citizen.

Personal Branding

Whether you like it or not, the many online channels turn every individual into a personal brand. If you know that the sender has a direct impact on how the receiver experiences the message, then you also understand the importance of personal branding. Contact us for help with your brand.


From the psychology of persuasion, we explore how you can get more revenue and profit from your marketing and sales. We increase your impact by using techniques from neuromarketing or nudging and by focusing on personal branding.

Sales & Marketing

Do you feel like you can get more out of your online marketing? Or just can’t dedicate a considerable part of your time to marketing and sales? We can define a marketing strategy and put into action. Based on different packages, we can work everything out for you.